There is a wide variety of water sports that visitors can engage in during their stay on Curaçao. There are the relaxing activities, such as swimming in a protected lagoon, all the way to the more adrenaline pumping ones, like kite surfing the swells in the eastern part of the island.

For those that wish to head out farther into the distance or depths of the ocean, there are activities such as deep sea fishing and scuba diving. The southern Caribbean currents bring in a large variety of undersea wildlife that ensure a healthy population of fish, both large and small. For the fishing fans, there are Marlin, Wahoo, Tuna and Mahi Mahi.

For those that prefer swimming amongst the natural habitat of the undersea, divers will be thrilled to know there dozens of sites to choose from in terms of depth, difficulty and diversity. Further details on diving options are included this article.


Sailors will be happy to know that there are large and small options for them to explore. You can rent a small sunfish or head out in a large sailing vessel with all the comforts for a longer voyage. Winds are pretty much guaranteed so sailors will be able to enjoy their outings.

If you prefer to be closer to shore, you can try beach paddleball or snorkeling off a beach anywhere you like.  The waters usually offer clear viewing which allows snorkelers stunning views of the coral and fish below the surface. Some sites, like the famous Tugboat, provide excellent viewing in a shallow setting in an area with little current. Some hotels or beach areas have wave breakers that allow snorkelers to enjoy calm clear waters.

For the little ones, there are the basic water based activities they love such as splashing water and building sand castles, which can keep them busy for hours. Mambo Beach offers families a protected environment for swimming and beach playing so the little ones and adults can all enjoy a variety of activities in one location.

Depths of the Sea – Substation Curaçao

If you have a more serious adventurous desire that needs to be satisfied, how about a trip down to almost 400 feet (121 meters) below the surface of the ocean? Substation Curacao offers deep water journeys in specialized submarines. These same submarines are used for research purposes by gathering rare plant and fish species to be studied.


Diving with a disability – Ocean Encounters

I first met Joe as he was riding in his wheelchair at the Dolphin Suites hotel where I was staying. We started talking about a variety of things and as the conversation moved onto diving, he asked if I would like to join him for a dive.

Wanting to maintain full respect, I had to ask how exactly that would happen, given that Joe was a paraplegic. As it turns out a good friend of his was in Curacao, the same person that taught him how to dive many years ago.

So there is Joe in his wetsuit, and with some assistance is in the water with full gear and ready to go exploring. I was amazed and thrilled to witness this extraordinary event. With guidance Joe was able to enjoy the same sights I was able to, at some points floating on his own to enjoy the underwater beauty that Curacao offers. Truly the most amazing part of the dive, was the end, where upon surfacing, Joe had an ear to ear smile and exclaimed, “That was a great dive!”

I also met and compared diving notes with a handicapped couple from Europe that went on a dolphin dive with Ocean Encounters and treasured the experience. Handicapped divers can easily find the necessary resources to assist them, ensuring they can experience the underwater diversity like anyone else can. Ocean Encounters have specialized staff that will attend to the needs of divers based on their level of skill and disability. Naturally they also offer a variety of excursions to various key diving sites throughout the island.

atlantis apartments 01

Stop Drop and Dive – Atlantis Diving and apartments

Curaçao is known as a haven for shore diving. With hundreds of marked sites throughout the island, divers can simply rent their own vehicle, load their gear, fill a tank and pick a spot. In fact, many of the fantastic sites easily accessible from shore are the same sites that divers travel to by boat.

For people that prefer a guided tour, Atlantis Diving is focused exclusively on offering shore diving excursions. They can provide any missing equipment and provide pickup and transport to a variety of dive sites. The journey to the specific sites also gives the diver the opportunity to see a different part of the island.