There’s even more to discover on the east side at the neighboring Aloe Vera Plantation Curaçao. Perched on top of the rolling hills overlooking the glorious St. Joris Bay, you will encounter an aloe vera plantation that is using cutting-edge techniques to harness the healing power of one of Curaçao’s most ancient secrets.

The aloe vera plant has long been revered for its healing properties, dating back as far as 2200 BC at the time of the Ancient Egyptians. They called it “the plant of immortality,” and it took on an almost “god-like” status. Throughout the millennia, aloe vera continued to be regarded as an effective remedy against many skin ailments and respiratory conditions. When the plant was introduced to the island of Curaçao, the climate and conditions of the soil produced a far more potent extract than most other aloe vera plants around the world. Locals have long since cherished the Curaçao aloe vera as a cure-all for just about any ailment one can imagine. 

Harnessing its healing super powers, the Curaloe company has developed a large selection of skin-care products and nutritional supplements. What distinguishes their range of products from others in the world is that they are all 100% organic and produced with the primary ingredient being the freshly harvested aloe vera gel.  In comparison, as with most other cosmetics, the main ingredient is either water or oil. Also, in the case of aloe vera extracts typically used in numerous other products worldwide, the gel has been treated and processed into a powder to be shipped to factories, thereby loosing much of its potency.  At the Aloe Vera Plantation, all the plants are freshly harvested, and the products made on-site to capture all of its “magical” healing powers. Curaloe products have been enormously popular in the local market and are rapidly gaining hold in the North American and European markets. Classified as medicinal skincare because of their extreme potency, they are available online on their website and through Amazon and will soon be available in a large selection of drugstores in Europe. Since its launch in 1999, the Aloe Vera Plantation has continuously grown and expanded to produce over 100,000 products annually. And the best part is they have lots of room to grow with the capacity to expand 5 or 6 times more!

Enjoy an educational day at the Aloe Vera Plantation to learn about how the products are made and their innovative sustainable farming techniques. You can reserve a tour for the whole family to learn more about the Aloe Vera Plantation, or take a closer look using their new virtual Oculus masks to get a first-hand experience of the entire production process. Be sure to pick up some of their famous aloe vera gel in the giftshop or other locations island wide to help soothe the sunburn!

by Helen Griffith