Only a half dozen years ago, street art and wall murals were just beginning to emerge in the city of Willemstad. Today, festivals are held celebrating the diverse and decorated buildings in Otrobanda and Punda.  Walking tours are available in the capital city, but if you want to venture down the alleys of Otrobanda and discover the famed artwork for yourself, I suggest you begin at the top of the Havenstraat near Theatro Luna Blou. As the street rounds the corner, you’ll notice the large mural of a rooster painted on the face of the blue building.  From there, the colorful steps welcoming you to the neighborhood under the bridge is a must stop, photo op.  On both sides of that street, you’ll discover where the Kaya Kaya festival has left its indelible mark with colorful murals reaching high heights and crossing over various buildings.  Look for the realistic faces of Curacao’s youth, the angels and turtles, the dancers and freedom fighters. There are so many wonders to discover as you explore the city alleys, proving that Curacao is much more than its beautiful beaches. It is a celebration of its art, its people and their ability to inspire wonder in all who come to see it.