Never has the desire for happiness been as strong as it is today. In this unbridled quest, beauty and well-being are major assets. Cosmetic treatments together with science can allow the body and mind to harmonize by reducing signs of aging and refining facial or bodily features. Progress in science and technology today makes it possible to achieve this. 

Owners and directors of Cosmetic Centre Curaçao, Dr. Pascal Sahoury and Mrs. Marika Sahoury are delighted to share their mission and their passion to improve and extend the quality of cosmetic care on Curaçao. Visitors from abroad can have their treatment on the island.  “Our vision is to make Curaçao an attractive destination for visitors who want to combine cosmetic treatment with a Caribbean vacation in a very professional and welcoming treatment environment” states Mr. Sahoury.

Cosmetic Centre Curaçao offers an excellent price and quality accommodation to link the recovery period directly to a vacation tailored to their patients’ needs. Visitors from all over the world can inquire and book for a next-day surgery program: consultation and surgery on consecutive days to experience the luxury and convenience of a private clinic combined with responsible hospital care. As a recognized healthcare institution with high-quality cosmetic care and the latest surveillance equipment from European manufactures, the overall well-being of their patients is their first priority. Their team of professionals promise a wellness experience at international standards.

All their consultations and treatments are performed by experienced doctors and medical specialists, ensuring safe and high-quality care.

The policy of Cosmetic Center Curaçao is to provide quality 24-hour patient-oriented care, tailored to meet specific requirements.

• Highly qualified doctors, surgeons, and dentists

• Competent nursing staff

• Treatments according to the latest techniques

• Medical equipment from European manufacturers

• Modern infrastructure

• Good location and accessibility

• Operating rooms to international standards

• 24-hour care, 365 days a year