Next edition: February 6th to 15th 2025

The Plein Air Curaçao Festival celebrates the creation of paintings while immersed in nature. The Festival presents a week of exciting programming that brings together esteemed international and local painters to paint on land, underwater, and from high-altitude locations. Events include workshops, exhibitions of festival paintings, and a concluding contest. 

Would you like to experience the beauty of plein air painting firsthand? Come and discover the joy of painting en plein air, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes, where you can immerse yourself in nature, capture the essence of the moment, and create your own masterpiece. 

The Plein Air workshops also provide a relaxed and supportive environment, where you can receive personalized instruction to improve your skills and enhance your artistic vision.

So grab your brushes, set up your easel, and let the beauty of the outdoors inspire you. Join Plein Air and unleash your creativity in the open air. No matter your skill level or preferred medium, Plein Air is a captivating and enjoyable festival that allows you to connect with nature, express your emotions, and create art that is truly unique. Come and join Plein Air  for an unforgettable week!