Let’s continue the adventure throughout the east. It’s a great opportunity to explore the mangroves of the scenic and sheltered Spanish Water Bay. Mangrove trees are a vital part of our local environment. They thrive along the water’s edge with their tangled roots emerging out of the water to create a beautiful forest of bright green leaves above, and provide a special habitat for a fascinating display of fish, reptiles and birds. Perhaps you can spot a few of our local egrets, also known as herons, resting in the upper branches or doing their elegant dance in the shallow waters below. These mangrove forests, home to a diverse ecosystem, also play a very important role in filtering pollutants to improve water quality. They buffer against rises in the sea level and are a valuable weapon to help protect the island from the impacts of climate change. The very best way to explore the mangroves and tread lightly through this delicate ecosystem is to take a SUP tour with Windsurf Curaçao. 

Without leaving any footprints, you can get an up-close look at the natural wonders of these unique mangrove forests as you stand tall on the SUP board, giving you a bird’s eye view of the calm, clear waters below. If you’re new to the sport, SUP Curaçao teaches you the ropes, so you’ll be SUP’ing like a pro in no time!