written by Elisa Koek

Curaçao isn’t only a destination for fun in the sun, the island also wins when it comes to healing. The sea, sun, local herbs and plants offer solutions for many people and many conditions. But, that’s not all. Since 2004 the Curacao Dolphin Therapy & Research Center (CDTC) forms a welcome addition to the island. On this unique spot Dolphin assisted therapy can be combined with the innovative Brucker Biofeedback therapy while staying at the boutique hotel Dolphin Suites. Soon after opening the Dolphin Therapy Center, Dolphin Suites opened. The hotel is specialized in serving people who visit the island for these unique rehabilitation therapy programs, but since the hotel offers luxurious designed accommodations including plenty holiday services to people with- and without special needs, it has become a popular spot for everyone.

‘A great spot for a family stay!’

The hotel manages to meet the needs of every person and family: whether you love an adventurous holiday or a laidback beach holiday. The close partnership with Sea Aquarium Park allow the guests of Dolphin Suites to enjoy unlimited free access to the Sea Aquarium and the beach that are just a stroll away. Not only can you spot and swim (with) dolphins; you can also see, touch and learn about all kinds of underwater creatures! And, let’s not forget the Mambo Beach Boulevard, with lots of shops, restaurants and watersports for more family fun! This all in the comfort of staying in a boutique hotel that’s known for its cozy atmosphere where everyone can feel at home. Needless to say that the whole hotel and the surrounding area, including the tour busses, are accessible for wheelchairs. ‘During the therapy I learned to trust my body and accomplish more’ Dolphin Therapy Dolphins always had a special relationship with humans: they connect with us and interacting with them seems to have a relaxing effect on everybody. Special-needs children and adults improve their physical, verbal and social skills and gain self-confidence. People with trauma recover and those with burnout relax and reorganize. It’s the result of a tailor-made treatment provided by a professional and multidisciplinary team of therapists and specially selected dolphins in a natural environment.

People often state that dolphin therapy made them realize they could do much more than they ever imagined! 

“I never imagined I could feel my toes again”


Brucker Biofeedback Therapy

To offer just that extra bit, Curacao Dolphin Therapy & Research Center in collaboration with Dolphin Suites also provides the Brucker Biofeedback Method. This innovative therapy has shown successful results with children and adults with damage to the central nerve system and/or to the spinal cord. People with cerebral palsy, stroke, brain injury, ataxia, spinal cord injury and many other conditions have booked striking results thanks to this therapy. The Brucker Biofeedback Method is a technique that measures the signals between the brains and the body (electromyogram research). If the signals are too weak the patients are unable to control the muscles. With the usage of electrodes and a specifically designed computer program it’s possible to make subtle muscle activity visual or audible for the patient. By intensive training, new connections in the nervous system can be created which lead to an improved signal between the brain and muscles. Since the therapy takes place in the Dolphin Suites, this is a valuable addition to a holiday where healing is combined with a fun, unconstrained holiday.

The combination of the many possibilities and wonderful facilities makes Curacao the destination to work on your own development with effective therapy programs in a supportive climate and inspirational environment. This ‘unique spot’ where fun and relaxation can be combined with divergent therapy not only results in unique experiences, but also gets the best out of everyone!

Unique experiences where the difference is made