Over the summer, Events Curaçao had the pleasure to sponsor and tag along with about thirty amazing students of Myrna Dovale, an elementary school for the hearing impaired as well as students with learning and behavioral difficulties. During our visit to the Dolphin Academy, we participated in the ‘Bayena i Dòlfein’ educational project. We learned more about whales and dolphins, in addition to other animals in our oceans and the importance of marine life preservation. We even entered the underwater observation boat with its glass bottom at Animal Encounters, where we observed a feeding and could also see many beautiful fish and stingrays.

The ‘Bayena i Dòlfein’ project started in 2004 and aims to host about 55 groups per year and relies on sponsors to realize this objective.

Subsequently, representatives of the Dolphin Academy visit the school to give a guest lecture, followed by an all-expenses paid trip to the Curaçao Sea Aquarium Park.

The tour is very interactive and adapts to the level of the children participating. During this animated tour they applied the lessons discussed in the lecture and workbooks handed out to them prior to the visit. The students also had the opportunity to hold sea cucumbers, starfish, hermit crabs and observe nurse sharks.

Dolphin Academy is currently creating an educational center, sponsored by MCB, where they hope to strengthen the transmission of information and education through art. They even commissioned a wall and ceiling painting from the famous local painter Francis Sling and asked local artist Esteban Ferrales to construct a life-size dolphin to show its anatomy.

For more information please contact: info@dolphin-academy.com

The cherry on the cake is without a doubt the dolphin encounter. We had the opportunity to get up close with a dolphin and even receive a kiss from this gentle mammal. We wrapped up the eventful morning with a dolphin show, followed by an interesting quiz, where all the kids answered questions about what they experienced and learned.

The Bayena i Dolfein program and their sponsors contribute to impacting the lives of the youth in Curaçao and will help build awareness for the new thinkers and leaders of future generations.