Of course there are countless ways to enjoy Curaçao, but here is our top 5 suggestions that should help you get started when planning the vacation of a lifetime.

Explore the picturesque heart of Willemstad! No trip would be complete without a few hours spent wandering the colorful cobble stone streets of Punda, buying fresh produce straight off the boats at the floating market and crossing the Queen Emma Bridge over to Otrobanda where you can snack on local treats and enjoy the talents of street musicians.

Get wet and get moving! Snorkeling and diving are a given for any visit to Curaçao, but there are so many ways to have fun and enjoy the sea. From boot camp on the beach to paddle boarding through Spanish Water Bay and from jet ski rental to a catamaran ride to Klein Curaçao, there are endless opportunities to take advantage of the world class waters surrounding the island.

Seek Adventure! If you love exploring nature, pack your gear and head to Bandabou on the north western side of the island.  The jewel of the region is Christoffel National Park. Here you can hike up to the 377 meter mountaintop point and enjoy the most breathtaking view of the island. The park is home to a host of exotic flora and fauna. Explore the trails on foot or from your seat on an exciting Jeep safari.

Taste the local cuisine!  Nothing will immerse you in the culture of any place you visit more thoroughly than food, and Curaçao offers a wide array of delicious options. Whether it’s a cheesy bite of keshi yena, thin and sweet Dutch pancakes or a squeeze of lime on freshly caught fish, you can bet your taste buds will form a lifelong bond with the new world of flavor you will experience on this island.

Feel the rhythm! Curaçao has a musical heartbeat. It can be heard in the streets, at incredible live shows and all throughout the uninhibited magic of Carnival. Get to know the island through its music whether you attend a parade, a concert or simply listen to some quiet jazz with your toes in the sand.