Amazonia the Lost Cultures 

Discover the lost cultures of Mesoamerica and the Caribbeans. Enjoy a 60–90 minute guided journey through a 45,000 square foot installation, traveling back in time, in recreated jungles, caves, temple ruins and ponds reflecting the Maya, Aztec, Inca and Arawak cultures. Interact with parrots, monkeys, reptiles & more!

Atlantis Adventures 

Embark on a narrated tour of the underwater world along the south side of the island on the Seaworld Explorer where you can view Curaçao’s spectacular coral reefs. From your private window, observe a wall just offshore that drops sharply to a depth of several hundred feet. You will see dozens of species of tropical fish, as well as delicate colonies of coral.


Dive easily under the sea on your personal water scooter accompanied by a certified Aquafari diver. Unlike scuba diving, which requires more gear and more courage, going on an Aquafari trip is easy for underwater sightseers. The Aquafari scooter is easy to master and so much fun.

SUP Curaçao

After a short shore briefing, once everyone is in control and smiling, we get up on our boards and head off in search of new adventure. The Spanish Water area  is a paddleboarder’s paradise with many exciting lagoons on both the north and the south shore, where lots of birds and other animals can be spotted. After your SUP’ing experience, you will balance confidently and learn all the paddle techniques. Suitable for children who have water confidence.

Curaçao Ostrich Farm 

One of the biggest ostrich arms in the Caribbean, and it’s even one of the biggest outside of Africa. It offers an interesting look at how ostriches live and breed. You can visit the farm that is home to over 600 birds and take a guided tour to learn all there is to know about these magnificent creatures.

Curaçao Sea Aquarium Park 

Meet, Greet & Feed! One of the Caribbean’s finest marine exhibits and a definite winner with kids. At the Sea Aquarium Park, there is plenty to do. It is the best place to see the beautiful underwater creatures of the Caribbean. Discover an impressive variety of marine life and enjoy dynamic and educational shows. Each of the participating companies also offer additional programs that can be booked separately.

Animal Encounters 

Experience a scuba dive or snorkel encounter surrounded by stingrays, sharks and many other fish. This activity is for both certified and non-certified divers. Participants have the opportunity to hand-feed these sea animals and observe them up close and personal. Animal Encounters is located at the Curaçao Sea Aquarium Park. 

Dolphin Academy

Dolphin Academy provides an educational venue where visitors can observe and interact with trained bottlenose dolphins in both spacious enclosures and the open sea. By offering information and a number of special programs to their guests, they hope to foster a sense of wonder and fascination about these mammals. Visitors have the opportunity to meet, swim, snorkel or even dive with dolphins!

Ocean Lens

The Ocean Lens is an innovative underwater observatory located at Substation Curaçao. Guests climb down the stairs at 17 feet deep to enter a chamber with a large circular lens that overlooks the reef drop off in airconditioned comfort. Guests can recline in front of the lens to spot an abundance of colorful fish, coral conservation trees and possibly even the CuraSub descending into the deep. Accompanied by a marine expert, visitors learn about the underwater world up close, conservation and scientific discoveries without getting their feet wet!  @ Ocean Lens Curaçao

Pelican Boat Trips 

Enjoy a variety of many trips offered. Snorkel around the sunken tugboat and see beautiful coral and many colorful fish. Cruise through the harbor and admire the beautiful Caribbean sunset during a trip along the coastline of Curaçao. Pelican Boat Trips offers daily trips with departures from the Curaçao Sea Aquarium Park.