Experience the vibe of our island life pulsating with musical festivities, traditional carnivals, live entertainment, sporting and culinary events! Curaçao and its people found the deeper meaning behind life-altering events of the pandemic. Businesses found new ways to stand out, stay positive and thrive. In a new phase filled with new opportunities and faith, we are happy to announce that…

During the annual Seú Festival, a colorful défilé took to the streets of Otrobanda and Banda’bou to celebrate this year’s harvest. It’s a tradition that dates back to the 17th century, celebrated each Easter Monday. For the past 45 years, the colorful parade has marched through the streets of Otrobanda, attracting large crowds.         

For the first time, Events Curaçao joined the group Sembrado di Speransa – Sowers of Hope – to experience this celebration firsthand. Weeks in advance, we came together to practice our choreography and meet with the seamstresses who took our measurements to custom-make our outfits. The end result was a colorful outfit designed by Juan Carlos Padrino which was inspired by the Curaçao flag incorporating blue, yellow and white, complemented by beautiful hibiscus flowers. A total of 42 groups participated during the 2019 edition!

Tourism and Seú 

The Seú parade is one of the easiest ways to celebrate Curaçao’s culture, and the local population welcomes people from all nationalities to partake. Deborah Lantveld, a Surinamese woman that moved to Curaçao two years ago, decided to join a Seú group to immerse herself completely in the experience. According to Deborah, it’s important for foreigners who live on the island to experience this at least once. “I had such a good time, and I danced till my feet got sore,” she described. “Don’t let anybody tell you about it, just pick a group of your liking and enjoy the parade,” she added. According to Lionel Jansen, the president of Fundashon Kultural Kòrsou, “Many tourists are interested in the history of our country and want to experience the uniqueness of the Seú celebration firsthand”.

The Youth take CenterStage

There are also several events and competitions associated with Seú, like the Reina di Seú pageant and the Kantadó Mayo song festival, where the winning song leads the Seú parade. This year’s winner, Sharrel ‘Adjatay’ Denisia, sang Na Pia Mes speaking about the resilience of the Curaçao people and that need to press on to achieve greatness. For the past few years, there has been a wave of fresh talent being introduced to the Seú celebrations, attracting lots of young people. Jansen emphasizes that young people need to develop a deeper appreciation for the essence of Seú. 

We truly enjoyed marching in the parade.
We soaked in positive energy from animated participants and a delightful crowd making 
the 2019 Seú festival a vibrant event. We are so thrilled to be back for the 2022 Seú festival!

Written Deya Mensche

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