Inhale the sights and sounds of the Curaçao Sea.

Exhale and enjoy the benefits the entire day.

Curaçao boasts over 35 beaches to choose from, so if you’re here for more than a day or two don’t get beached by settling on one only. Move around, drive along the southwestern coast, stop at the smaller beaches for tranquility and look out for the many coves neatly nestled within the rugged limestone and volcanic cliffs or hang out at the more popular beaches.

Curaçao beaches and bays are the proud and precious result of its abundant history. The dynamic mechanism of nature and man’s intervention all contributed to the development and diversity that has made this sea and its shore the popular tourist destination that it is today. 

For the truly adventurous ones for whom a populated beach just won’t cut it there’s nothing like a beach hunt along the coast and through bumpy dirt roads. With few or no signs to assist in the hunt the more adventurous visitors can discover remote areas like Playa Jeremy and Santu Pretu. There, quiet crystal-clear water and magnificent landscapes can be found but many facilities and shade cannot. The memories of such a free-wheeling beach hunting will last a lifetime.

beach at mambo curacao



Mambo Beach and Sea Aquarium Beach are found on one single strip at the southern part of the island. There are Caribbean pearls that attract many tourists with their alluring charms including swimming, eating and of course shopping.

A few years ago, Jan Thiel Beach was transformed into a real Oriental gem with cement quays near the large open bay. Further into the deep blue sea snorkelers feast their eyes on a kaleidoscope of fish. Be prepared to pay a small entrance fee levied for these beaches which goes to maintaining the facilities.





Westpunt is home to the best beaches of the island and claims recognition for some of the most popular dive and snorkeling spots in the world as well. One of them is the Cas Abao Beach with its clear turquoise water, waving palm trees and white sandy beach and many gazebos for shade, Cas Abao is a true paradise. Located at the northwest coast of Curaçao, Cas Abao Beach has been declared one of the most pristine beaches of Curaçao, ideal for families and water sports. At the popular daiquiri bar you can get the coolest smoothies and daiquiris. The restaurant is also open daily for lunch and snacks. This beach is ideal for swimmers of all ages and its reefs are a paradise for snorkelers and divers.

Avila Beach is a quiet, superbly comfortable beach with extensive facilities. Just two minutes out of town, it is ideal for cruise ship tourists with only a few hours to spare. Adding to the appeal is a hotel situated nearby that’s the local pied-à-terre of the Dutch Royal family making the possibility of stumbling upon royalty very real.

Playa Kenepa It sits atop the list of popular beaches. Playa Kenepa boasts soft white sand and Manchineel trees partly shade the area for a welcome respite from the heat. They also form perfect cover for the locals who often camp on weekends and holidays in the untouched nature nearby.
You can also find local people spending their days on Boca Sta. Cruz What sets this beach apart from the rest is its exceptionally wide sandy strip with towering palm trees. The dense inland lagoons are well suited to observe birds and you can hook up with Captain Goodlife who’ll gladly take you around in his water taxi.

Playa Kenepa and Sta. Cruz are just two of the many public bays located all along the sheltered south.They have limited facilities, are always open, easy to find and levy no entrance free.



For those who’d rather befriend locals or simply experience being on a private beach a ride north of Curaçao will take you there. Off the southeastern tip of Curaçao, is the small island of Klein Curaçao. It is Curacao’s longest and whitest beach running eight miles off the southeast coast. Framed by beautiful, sandy beaches, this perfect piece of paradise is a definite must-see. The scenery along the way is intoxicating as you gradually leave behind the inhabited world and drive along a road dotted with jewel-like beaches. The island is best known for its variety of romantic and rocky bays replete with clear, blue-green water and high rocky hills surrounding the beaches and providing a feeling of shelter.


by Shari Reinhart