Photos and text by Georges


Selling helicopter trips means changing an expectation. My passengers always… and I mean ALWAYS… say:
“surprisingly, that it was much more fun and much nicer than I had expected.” This is the to get because it’s the wrong expectation. They get in the helicopter apprehensive and anxious and expect to hate it but then always… and I mean ALWAYS… they end the tour feeling exhilarated and euphoric. Some even get emotional while others tell me it was a spiritual experience.
Many people expect helicopter flying to be a noisy, bumpy ride that will make them nauseous.
Another false expectation. I’ve been in the business of giving helicopter tours for twenty years. Always… and I mean ALWAYS… after every flight people comment on how smooth, calm and quiet the trip was and that flying with their family and friends was a great bonding experience. Some people have flown in small planes and think a helicopter must be worse but here’s a little known fact; small planes are terribly bumpy and noisy. Helicopters are not!
I guarantee that you will always… and I mean ALWAYS… LOVE our sightseeing trips or any other tour that we offer.
I will go so far as to return your money if you can look me square in the eyes afterwards and honestly say you didn’t like it.

What I know for Sure

What’s great about helicopter tours?
I don’t know, I hate them. Just kidding.
I’ve been flying for 30 years.
I started in the Navy for 12 years after which I began a company on Curacao and here are some things I know for sure: I know what you want to see and how you want to see it. I know funny little known facts and history about Curacao. I know where to find the dolphins, sting rays – and eagle rays, turtles, flamingos, and wild donkeys.

I know you must see the gold coast with its beautiful villas, the grandhotels and the mesmerizing turquoise bays and lagoons. I know you must see the medieval town of Willemstad which is on the World Heritage list with its pastel colored buildings.

BlueSkies Adventure Tours and Events is located smack in the middle of the old town. We begin the trip by flying below the high Juliana Bridge (the only place in the world where that is allowed). At mysterious Eastpoint, 25 square miles of unspoiled natural reserve where again, nobody can go but us, you will experience what military flying is like.
Or, if you prefer, BlueSkies can fly you away to Little Curacao, an uninhabited island 6 miles of the coast of Curacao. You can spend the day on the peaceful beach and return by boat or fly with me via the rough north coast where King Neptune sends its ocean waves into the volcanic rocky coast, we’ll ‘climb’ the Christoffel Mountain and then lunch at Kura Hulanda Lodges.
Following that excitement we’ll fly over lush, beach-dotted south coast where Robinson Crusoe would feel quite at home.

Although I’m the pilot you’re the boss on your flight so if at any time you find it unsettling just tell me. I’ll change my style. I ask only one thing of you: Change your expectation that it won’t be fun and open yourself to the skies around you, the sights below you and allow yourself the freedom to enjoy my helicopter tour designed just for you.