Old Quarry Golf Course

Old Quarry Golf, located at the scenic Santa Barbara Resort, owes its excellent course to renowned architect Pete Dye, who accentuated the land’s natural features such as the 240-metre-high Table Mountain, which has one of the most breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea.

The eighteen-hole course winds around in a figure eight from the seashore to the mountain’s foothills, past the bay and an archaeological dig, before heading back around for the last few holes. Its shore winds, sand bunkers and rolling hills make for a challenging course,so expect to spend four to five hours completing the route. The course’s signature hole #2, better known as ‘The Tale of the Gale’, is a real challenge, especially when the northeast trade wind is blowing towards you, which is a regular occurrence.

Fortunately, the course has a few pit stops along the way and is welcoming to both locals and tourists. In addition to a marina with an open-air terrace, bar restaurant and a view that will take your breath away, the Old Quarry provides golfers a peaceful place to unwind. The Old Quarry also hosts some memorable fundraisers, like the summer Night Golf tournament, where the paths are lit by colored lights and the golf balls glow in the dark. Visitors can also check out the Pro Shop which sells golf equipment, accessories, and Old Quarry souvenirs.