1. Playa Kalki: Go West Diving  Come explore this full service dive operation to one of Curacao’s best shore dive sites, Alice In Wonderland.  They also offer a short boat ride to dive sites such as the Mushroom Forest, Watamula, and the Black Coral Garden.
  2. Sabana Westpunt:  This popular dive location is next to a picturesque public beach filled with tiny colorful fishing boats anchored in the blue water. Before reaching the reef drop-off, there is a gradual slope covered with healthy coral, sponges and hanging vine like algae.
  3. Klein Knip & Knip Chikitu:  This is the perfect place for shore diving!  After a short swim over the sandy ocean floor where you can sometimes spot gentle eagle rays, you will reach the vibrant coral reef. The Star Coral formations begin at just 10 meters below the surface and continue along a reef wall which descends more than 30 meters for more advanced divers.
  4. Playa Jeremi:  This remote beach is accessible by a sloping staircase or a concrete ramp which can be used for hauling your gear. The beauty of the reef is just a few kicks from shore where you can enjoy the sights of brain coral and flower-like anemones. You may even spot green Moray Eels as well as larger fish like grouper in the deeper waters.
  5. Playa Lagun: Check out this western hideaway which is an ideal beach for both divers and snorkelers. Wade directly onto the colorful reef known for being a frequent home to sea turtles. After your dive, you can relax at Lagun’s own restaurant and bar.
  6. Santa Cruz:  This is a great spot to use as a base for accessing the island’s best west side boat dives as well as the nearby Playa Santa Pretu and the world famous Blue Room. The large, sandy public beach has many free picnic table and tiki huts available and several boat operators will happily take you to explore.
  7. Cas Abao This great beach has full facilities and an on-site dive shop.  The reef is a short swim out across calm waters and has many colorful fish and corals. You may see sea horses and possibly even a frog fish.
  8. Porto Marie: This is a wonderful full service dive operator situated on one of Curaçao’s most beautiful fully equipped beaches. The unique double reef is accessible directly from the shore where you can cruise through the large schools of Blue Tang and curious Trunk Fish who are exploring the man-made habitat balls.
  9. Daaibooi: This secluded spot is home to a variety of marine plant species including star, pillar and brain coral. Take the chance to spot a rarely seen pod of squid swimming amongst the underwater forest.
  10. Boca San Michiel  Also known as Boca Sami, this relatively isolated beach has several easy points of entry for a relaxing shore dive including a small boat ramp. Swim out through the tiny fishing boats before descending to the shallow reef where hard coral abounds.
  11. Blue Bay Beach: Accessible directly from the shore lies the seemingly endless wall reef at Blue Bay. Beginning very close to the surface and continuing in a vertical slope to a depth of over 30 meters, this famous house reef is not to be missed. A full service dive shop is conveniently located right on the beach.
  12. Superior Producer: This famous cargo ship, which sank off Curaçao’s coast in 1977, is the site of one of the island’s most popular dives.  Roughly 30 meters below the surface this massive wreck looms like a living ghost, brimming with aquatic life.
  13. Ocean Encounters Curaçao’s own PADI certified 5 star dive center caters to divers of all experience levels from novice to seasoned pro. They offer specialty boat dive trips to premier locations such as the Mushroom Forrest and Klein Curaçao.