There’s no business like show business, but some clients also believe that there’s no business like eating out. The culinary experience in Curacao is more than just a meal, it’s a melting pot of senses that combine atmosphere, fine dining, entertainment and great service, rolled into one.

A restaurant experience should be about more than the smell and taste of the food; visitors to the island are also expecting a visual feast when they go out to eat.

In Curaçao, besides keeping customers’ tastes in mind, chefs may substitute ingredients because they can’t get the ingredient, or it needs to be fresh.

When chefs prepare ethnic food, they may substitute a hard-to-find ingredient for something that is locally grown. This can subtly change the flavor of a dish.

Many restaurants on the island serve local and international cuisine at a reasonable price.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive meal, you can eat for anywhere in between $5 USD to $15 USD.

The island also plays host to a number of nicer restaurants and hotel restaurants: Chinese, Thai, and Indonesian food are readily available on the island, and items such as rijsttafel (rice served with accompaniments) are popular. Italian and French food, along with Latin American food and steakhouses, can also be found. Moderately priced meals on the island will cost travelers from $15 USD to $30 USD, while the most expensive international cuisines will cost more than $30 USD per meal.