If someone were to say “list 3 reasons why you chose Curaçao as your vacation destination” chances are your answers would be different from someone else’s. Your age, who you are and what you do, who your travelling companions are and even where you’re from will influence your idea of the ideal getaway.


That being said, there are some getaway themes that remain universal notwithstanding the circumstances of your life.

Here’s the generic list I came up with:

You came to Curaçao to:

  1. Relax & have a  great time
  2. Reliably amazing weather
  3. Escape your daily routines

The Tranquil Beaches of Westpunt 01

If you said yes to the above then set aside your work, silence the nagging voices in your head and prepare to take a full blown timeout starting now. Curaçao is where everything extraordinary is easily accessible for everyone and the local people are genuinely happy to have you here, especially during Karnaval season!

There are surefire ways to set you up with some hot and ready ideas for a vacation or if you prefer, good old fashioned things to do and places to go.


If it’s the feel of sand on your feet then don’t lie on just one beach, beach hop! Over 35 beaches to choose from!  If thrill seeking is a daily must-do then sign up for organized tours and excursions. Get a taste of native cuisine in the many local restaurants and engage yourself in Curacao’s incredible cultural history by touring museums. Take advantage of quality shopping with good deals and no tax.


And, at the end of the hot sunny day when you’re begging for more, the nightlife awaits you. Get out of your wet bathing suits and into your party clothes for happy hour, fine restaurants, clubs and dazzling casinos.


Before you know it you’re headed home with suitcases tightly packed with memories of the fun you had with friends and family in the worldly charm and culture that is pure Curacao.

Boka Tabla 2

By Sheila Botton – photos by Ricky Friedlander