Just like mama’s kitchen only infused with the authentic flavors of several different mamas in several different kitchens that span the taste buds of the people who visited and settled on this wondrous island over the past couple of centuries.    

by Shari Reinhart


Authentic cuisine comes from around the world and through the centuries infused with traditional delights from Africa, China, Spain, Portugal France and of course Dutch and Indonesian specialties.
The cuisine reflects the diversity of the island with mainstay must-try dishes such as “Funchi” (considered a national dish) “Kadushi” (a soup based on nopal), “Keshi Yená” (giant Gouda cheese stuffed with vegetables and chicken or fish), “Sopi Mondongo” (vegetable soup with beef tripe), “Sate” (brochette covered with peanut sauce), and “Konkomber” (meat stew with green papaya, cucumber, and cabbage).

Flex your taste bud muscles and don’t be afraid to try something completely new because chances are that when you return home you might regret your one chance to choose sunchi (bite-size meringues) or panseiku (pralines made with toasted peanuts, prepared with almond essence and brown sugar) over your usual chocolate chip cookie!

If you’re trying an island dish for the first time we would love, love love to hear your reviews on the restaurant, service and flavours of your dining experience.  info@eventscuracao.com