When interacting with Antillean and Curaçaoan people, one thing that stands out is our diverse musical tastes and affinity to connect with different cultures through arts and entertainment. 

You can throw us on any dance floor at any age, and we will dance like there is no tomorrow. Our musicians took this multicultural musical affinity to the next level, by inventing a musical genre aptly titled Ritmo Kombina, the combined rhythm, a mélange of salsa, merengue and zouk. Consequently, our entertainers have become world renowned for their musical aptitude and versatility. One good example of a versatile singer and composer is Stanley Clementina, Mr. Kompa of the Dutch Caribbean, who has popularized Kompa and Zouk music in Papiamentu in the Antillean diaspora.

Most recently, Stanley Clementina collaborated with the talented singer Nando Chirino on ‘HONEY PEOPLE,’ a rhythmic composition with a Calypso vibe. ‘HONEY PEOPLE’ is a joyful song, perfect for the current end-year celebrations leading into the carnival season. The song will be promoted internationally and also on different Caribbean islands such as Martinique and Guadeloupe, where the love for the carnival rhythm is strong. With the music video for ‘HONEY PEOPLE,’ Stanley and Nando illustrate that the joy displayed is so infectious that it is applicable throughout the entire year.

At the beginning of the year, Stanley released the song ‘Masha Ten’ with his band C-Shaw, a Papiamento cover of the Haitian band Enposib’s song ‘Bon bon,’ which climbed various radio charts in Aruba, Bonaire, and Curaçao. Stanley was instrumental in popularizing Caribbean Kompa on our islands and among popular local bands in the Netherlands. ‘Se Sua’ was the first song that Stanley and C-Shaw recorded live. In 2020, Stanley delighted us with hits like ‘Quarantaine’, followed by the infectious Kompa titled ‘Kompronde’ in 2021. Stanley also continued his musical collaboration with Dutch Caribbean singer Jayh Jawson, where for the past few years he has been functioning as his musical director. According to Jayh Jawson, the collaboration with Stanley motivated him to interpret more songs on the Kompa rhythm, producing memorable hits like ‘Wowo Sera,’ ‘Amor Sekreto,’ and the collaboration with Stanley titled ‘Mijn Only.’

by Deya Mensche