From the south eastern tip known as “Oostpunt” to the northwestern tip known as “Westpunt”, the underwater world is completely different and unique.  Eastern Curaçao also known as “Banda Ariba” is truly an unspoiled and largely still unexplored sanctuary inside of Curaçao’s only National Marine Park. 

Mushroom Forest This dive site has been rated as one of the Caribbean Best Dives by Sport Diver Magazine. Over time hard coral formations have grown in such a way that they resemble mushrooms, hence the name. The Majestic Star and Boulder coral rise up to form mushroom-shaped domes full of underwater life. After entering the water, you dive around large boulder coral formations, where critters hide under the ledge.

Lost Anchor A favorite Curaçao Dive Site, bright and colorful. This reef on the rough side of Caracasbay is not easily accessible, but the dive on Lost Anchor makes up for it. Beautiful lush wall covered in gorgonians and sea fans. Dense coral growth hides an anchor chain that goes on forever. The dive finishes on a  shallow edge where sea horses like to hang out. Great dive for macro photography.

Beacon Point Currents make this site and intermediate to advanced dive. Largest pillar coral formation in the Caribbean at this dive. In the blue you can find large jacks, grouper and barracuda chasing around after they’ve eaten.

The Corner Lush, full of life, gorgonians gently swaying in the current… This healthy reef is packed with sea life. Racing jacks and barracuda with intense eyes will accompany you throughout your dive. Blue Creole Wrasses swarm towards their daily afternoon mating meetings.

Newport This beautiful and pristine Curaçao dive site is only accessed by Ocean Encounters Diving based in Curaçao. A beautiful slope with great star coral, brain coral, and soft gorgonians. Eagle rays and turtles are spotted frequently.

Small Wall The name says it all, it is a wall and it is small. Overhangs and little nooks house schools of soldier fish, grunts, and damsels protecting their gardens and eggs. Lush gorgonians and sea fans wave in the soft current.

Eastpoint (Oostpunt) Located at the very eastern tip of Curacao’s National Marine Park, it is a MUST DIVE experience to have! Only accessible by boat, this site is largely one of the most pristine and unblemished fringing reef systems on Curacao, if not the entire Caribbean. Lush gorgonians cover the site, together with hard corals and sponges. A large school of tarpons inhabit the underwater bridge, a natural bridge that was formed by coral formations throughout time.  Sharks, eagle rays, large barracuda, and turtles have been spotted at this wonderful Curacao diving location that has seen very little human impact.

Watamula Derives its name from the Dutch word, “Watermollen” (Water Mill) because of the how the currents flow on this #1 Boat Diving Site. You really never understand what the currents will be doing until you check. Watamula offers the diver an intense and sometimes overwhelming spectacle of mind blowing coral formations and macro life combined with Ocean Trigger fish, Schools of Chubbs and Porcupine Fish will leave you breathless!

Klein Curaçao East Point, an unspoiled, lush and pristine spot where turtles, rays, large fish, sharks and so much more can be seen. They say that in Klein Curaçao underwater everything is bigger and there is more of it. A true Caribbean dive location, this boat trip is for divers only. 

If you could imagine a picturesque deserted Caribbean island surrounded by warm aquamarine waters then welcome to Klein Curacao.  Located approximately 6.5 miles off the eastern tip of Curacao, this is a very special trip for divers and for snorkelers alike.  The locals say that the underwater habitats of Klein Curacao is where everything is bigger and there is more of it with almost the guarantee of turtle sightings, ocean triggerfish and large groupers.  This is a true Caribbean dive location which is pristine & unspoiled.