Kas di Alma Blou
T: 462-8896
For the art connoisseurs, art galleries abound in Curaçao. A personal fave: Gallery Alma Blou. Papiamentu for “Home of the Blue Soul.” Relax & absorb the Curaçao expression of art – Situated in the heart of Willemstad, just a few steps from the well-known pontoon bridge, Alma Blou is special because it is housed in one of the most beautiful monuments in Otrobanda.

Open Atelier
T: 868.6027
More than an art gallery, rather a platform for the development of local talent. Mahuma, Willemstad

Ritz Gallery
T: 465.9950
Housed in what was once an ice cream factory, here you will find large stone statues and a shipping depot should you decide to buy. Scharloo, Willemstad.

Serena Israel Workshop – Atelier
See the famous Chichi® being created at Serena’s Art Factory and buy them in the adjoining Art & Souvenir Shop or at their Souvenir Shop in Punda. If you’re fun loving and artistically inclined, we highly recommend you join their lively workshops as part of their team. Here you can enjoy the artistic Chichi® vibes and paint a colorful Chichi® yourself! www.chichi-curacao.com

The Curaçao Museum
T: 462-3873
Housed in a spacious colonial style building, holds geological and pre-Colombian Indian artifacts; maps and charts, a traditional plantation kitchen; antique furniture & more.

Den Paradera
T: 462-3873
“The place where you feel at home” and it is home to a garden that was created one plant at a time by Dinah Veeris in 1991. Veeris’ study of and research into the ancient secrets of healing herbs is preserved here.

Kura Hulanda Museum
T: 434 7700
Situated exactly where Dutch entrepreneurs traded and shipped African slaves, demonstrates how African and other cultures have influenced Curaçaoan and Caribbean societies. Here the TransAtlantic Slave Trade is impressively retold through exhibits that span from slave capture in Africa all the way through relocation in the New World.

Jewish Historical Cultural Museum
T: 461-1633
Curacao boasts the oldest standing Synagogue in the Western Hemisphere, as Jews came from the Netherlands, Europe and Asia before 1700. You can learn more about their history and heritage on the island by visiting the museum.

Maritime Museum
T: 465-2327
Historically, Curaçao’s strategic location and natural harbor made it a major seafaring and commercial center. The museum, situated in a beautifully restored 17th century building exhibits include antique miniatures and 17th century ship models and maps, some even dating back to 1500.

Mongui Maduro Library
T: 737-5119
This museum presents a fascinating retelling of history with Mr. Maduro’s comprehensive collection of manuscripts, periodicals and so more. New publications are constantly acquired and added making this museum a wonderful source of information on the historical evolution of the island.

The Numismatic Museum
T: 462-5912
Numismatics is the study of or collection of currency. The exhibit here illustrates the evolution of the Antillean currency. It is owned and operated by the Bank of the Netherlands Antilles.

Savonet Museum
T: 864-0363
Very recently opened this is the newest museum offering in Curaçao. The historical plantation complex is an experience for the entire family where the running theme is the interdependence of humans and nature. Portal to Cristoffel park.