Is it possible to enter vacation mode on the very first day? YES

Your agenda is full with to-do lists and meetings that way down your handbag or short fuse your cell phone. Until the day you’re finally on vacation and the days off transform your schedule into the ultimate getaway. There is nothing to plan, aside from sea-side activities, total relaxation and rest.  It’s time to disconnect from the daily tasks of an overactive mind and body. It is imperative to approach your holiday time in peace, and enjoy it thoroughly.

Here are some helpful tips to replace the feeling of stress with that of well-being.

Be one with Nature

Perhaps a jog, a walk by the sea, a nature hike or submersing with nature in the Caribbean Sea is just what you need.

There are many ways to enjoy nature in Curaçao. Tap into your preference, take the time to enjoy the scenery, elevate your senses and  finally relax. Just like meditation, breathing in the fresh ocean breeze or the fragrant mountain air lowers your level of cortisol, the stress hormone, and promotes the production of endorphins, the wellness hormone.

Meditate & Quiet the Mind

Whether sitting on the sand or on a beach bed, take a few minutes to focus on you and your body. Keep in mind the flow of your thoughts and bring your attention to your breathing, the sensations of your body on the chair, feet in the sand. This mindfulness meditation is a good way to start relaxing. Instill a ritual every morning taking ten minutes to breathe and meditate. Meditation on the beach is a magical, euphoric experience. The oneness with the infinite nature makes it so easy to bring the “path inward” to recognize our unity with everything and everyone, including the environment. Inhale the sights and sounds of the Curacao Sea. Exhale and enjoy the benefits the entire day.

Join a yoga class on the beach or offered in most hotel gyms or spas. Classes range from gentle Yoga to vigorous Power Yoga. Choose one-one-one private sessions or group classes, indoor or outdoor and  Visit when you decide to return to Curaçao to join a yoga retreat!

Take a Digital Detox

You are active on social networks however for the holidays, unplug from electronic devices. Keep yourself away from your smartphone and screens as much as possible unless you are just taking memorable pictures. The less time spent on them, the more you will feel free. This digital detox will help you let go.

Sleep well

Enjoy the holidays and take guilt-free naps when you need them. Do make sure you didn’t forget to set your alarm on OFF and sleep in on some mornings. Nothing can disturb your revitalizing sleep. The ideal is a minimum of 8 hours of sleep per night to fully recharge your batteries.


Laughter is one of those reflexes as natural as breathing. Release the frown, smile and laugh to deploy your shine. Laughter is not only contagious, it is also beneficial in many ways for your health, proven to fight aging, stress and cardiovascular disease.

Get Moving

If the idea of ​​doing nothing paralyzes you, know that the word vacation does not necessarily mean idleness. You can choose to simply enjoy a lazy afternoon lying on the beach, with intermittent strolls to the sea for a dip to cool off- or if you feel more adventurous, you can step deeper into the sea to actively explore the underwater world, and some exiting world that is! The sea offers so many forms of recreation, each and every one worthwhile to try out. There is a wide range of possibilities for water sports such as SUP, sailing, waterskiing, windsurfing, kayaking, scuba diving and more. It is easy to get the information needed for your favorite sport.

Vitality Supply

Vacation is an ideal time to explore your culinary senses but it’s especially time for healthy meals to refuel vitamins and nutrients to keep you healthy and active. Enjoy fresh seasonal fruit smoothies, gourmet salads and vegetable side dishes, which compliments the fine cuisine of Curaçao.

Remember to hydrate.


Rather than think about the end of your vacation approaching, keep a memory of what you enjoyed the most on your holiday. Why not create a journal to write down the special  travel stories?