The Caribbean Sea that surrounds tropical Curaçao offers many opportunities to tourists visiting the island. Yet on arrival – whether it’s by air or by boat – you will be captivated by the fascinating fierceness of the Curaçao Sea. The same variety the color of the water shows, the same variety can be found in the wide range of activities that are organized in the tropical ocean waters bordering Curaçao.

The visitor can choose to simply enjoy a lazy afternoon lying on the beach, with intermittent strolls to the sea for a dip to cool off. The more adventurous tourists can also step deeper into the sea to actively explore the underwater world, and some exiting world that is! The Curaçao Sea offers so many forms of recreation, each and every one worthwhile to try out. Here are just a few of our pics out of the wide range of possibilities.


Paradise Swim
Curaçao is internationally well-known for its clear blue sea and a choice of no fewer than 50 beaches and bays. So there will definitely be a beach “tailor-made” specifically for each visitor. A number of beaches have exquisite possibilities for swimming, eating and even shopping. These beaches which are mainly found at the southern part of the island are visited by many tourists, making up for a magnificent ambiance.

The ones who will rather take pleasure in hanging around the locals or simply want to experience the unique feeling of being on a private beach, need to travel a little more to the northern side of the island. The ride to this part of Curaçao in itself is marvelous. As you drive towards Westpunt, you gradually merge right into the impressive wilderness where there are many green and rocky hills. In between that exciting nature you will find jewelry beaches, each with its own distinctive charm.


Stand up Paddleboard – SUP
The sport is an ancient Hawaiian form of surfing. It consists of standing up on a large more buoyant surfboard and using a long lightweight paddle to propel yourself on flat water, waves, rivers, lakes, etc… If ever there was a water sport with growing notoriety SUP’ing is the one.


Kite surfing
Kite surfing has brought together the most exciting components of other extreme sports. Kite surfing involves using the power of a large controllable kite to pull a rider across the water on a small surfboard or a kite board. Once the kite is in the air, a pro kite surfer is able to reach high speeds and perform amazing and exhilarating stunts.

This sport can be explored at the St. Joris Bay which has on-shore winds and flat water. This spot is mostly used by local kiters because of its central location, undemanding kite launching and easy access. Thanks to its large shallow parts, St.Joris Bay is suitable for all levels. The wind on Curaçao is around 16 to 20 knots from January until September.



The more experienced kite surfers should also try Klein Curaçao. Klein Curacao is an uninhabited island located about 25 kilometers from the southeastern point of the “big” Curacao. After a two hour boat trip, the kite surfer will find himself in a paradise with white beaches and crystal clear water. This petit island has waves rolling in on both sides, but also butter flat water waiting to be carved.