Curaçao is a tropical paradise, a haven of perpetual sunshine, rich cultural heritage, friendly locals, and crystal-clear turquoise waters. With an average of 29 C, accompanied by endless sunshine and a refreshing island breeze, the climate in Curaçao is a dream! Picture yourself reclining on a comfortable beach bed, gazing up at the vibrant blue sky and swaying palm trees, while indulging in the finest culinary delights that the island has to offer. Let’s not miss the mesmerizing sunsets that paint the horizon with hues of gold, orange, pink, and red, providing a breathtaking spectacle as the sun sinks into the glittering Caribbean Sea. 

Curaçao consists of two areas: Banda Ariba (Papiamentu for the side above) and Banda’bou (Papiamentu for the side below). In Banda’bou you can find the unspoiled nature of Curaçao and Banda Ariba provides you with vibrant full-service beaches, many restaurants and bars and stores; both side serving cultural heritage. At center stage, the area called Piscadera Baai. From one end of the island to the other, there are over fifty beaches and each of them casts a magical spell…

Banda Ariba

In the district Jan Thiel located east of Willemstad, a full-service beach with excellent diving and snorkeling also offers many activities and accommodations. From a siesta on a palm-shaded day bed to chilling with a cold beer, this beach is popular for  dinner & entertainment way past sunset. Caracasbaii Beach near by is a public local beach open anytime for get togethers, BBQs and local vibes. Closer to Willemstad, take a walk along the welcoming Sea Aquarium Beach that merges into Mambo Beach BLVD. This vibrant beach invites everyone for sun, swim, water activities, restaurants at the water’s edge and shopping to satisfy every taste. 

Piscadera Bay/ Harbour

Roughly drive 15 minute west to the white sands of Parasasa Beach. This local and well frequented beach simply offers the space to lay your towel down to soak in the rays and enjoy a refreshing swim and snorkel. Opt to walk a few minutes west from this location and find yourself immersed in the Pirates Bay vibe. Chill for lunch or dinner with your feet in the sand enjoying a taste of the island. 

Continue 5 minutes west from there towards Sint Michiel to find Blue Bay Beach, a warm welcome mat with powdery sand and a gently sloping sea floor and a garden of sea life to explore.  Sunny add-ons include loungers, full-service, water sports and spirited Friday Happy Hours. Not more then 7 minutes from there, find yourself transported to Kokomo  Beach, the perfect beach destination for a serene and enjoyable day with your loved ones. Indulge in a delightful lunch, savor our exquisite cocktails, and be enchanted by the views above and below the sea. Spend your time lounging on a beach chair, or on their famous swing with your feet dangling in the water!  


Continue less than 40 minutes from Piscadera to discover Playa Porto Mari for fun underwater exploring with a unique double reef and trails that lead to a kaleidoscope of coral, colorful fish and sea turtles. Further on the west coast, Playa Kenepa is really two beaches; Grote Knip is the bigger beach and Klein Knip the smaller one. One road leads to both of the popular beaches where you can bring your own cooler and sample Dutch treats like crunchy pastries called pastechi sold by the vendors at the entrance. Klein Knip is the go-to for snorkeling while Grote Knip is the better beach for drawing your own line in the sand. Halfway between the two is a lookout where brazen cliff divers test their skills and onlookers pose for selfies. 

Cas Abao is what beach connoisseurs call paradise with talc sand, crystal blue water, waving palm trees and many gazebos for shade for a perfect day and lots of family fun. Upping the ante, there are beach masseurs, watersports, snackbars and drinks to quench your thirst.  

Easy to find with cliffs marking the sides of the cove and fishing boats parked on the sand, Playa Lagun is on the dive A-list with sponges and coral plentiful along the cliffs.  Another, Playa Forti affords a view from above, with the fishing boats and a panorama of the island’s western tip.  The small cove of Playa Kalki,  popular for snorkeling and diving is located down steep stone steps from a parking area. 

From one end of the island to the other every beach is a different experience so try not to get beached by settling on one only. Move around. Stop at some of the smaller beaches and look out for the many coves neatly nestled within the rugged limestone and volcanic cliffs. There are so many activities to do on the island. Unleash your inner explorer and experience all that this idyllic island has to offer.