Flamingos on the Go

As you drive by the ancient salt flats on the outskirts of Jan Kok and St. Willibrordus, you can spot the vibrant pink flamingos wading through the shallow waters. The old salt flats are the perfect spot for them to feed off of the microscopic shrimp that live in the brackish water. These shrimp are what give the elegant flamingos their unique pink color. 

The March to Freedom

Standing tall in front of the salt flats you’ll find a monument in the form of a white fist. This commemorates the life and legacy of Tula. He was a slave who led the slavery uprising which eventually resulted in the abolition of slavery in 1863. He and his followers began a march from Landhuis (Estate House) Knip to the city of Willemstad, and he was eventually sentenced to a very cruel death. His life is remembered by several of these monuments marking the route of Tula’s march to freedom.

Landhuis Jan Kok

Overlooking the salt flats, you will discover the gallery of the famous artist, Nena Sanchez, located at Landhuis (Estate House) Jan Kok. She embraced the vibrant colors of the Dutch Caribbean scenery to create her own distinct artistic style. Her works are tropical showpiecesa that are frivolous and fun-loving yet capture the iconic style of the architecture and culture of Curaçao. Nena was a pioneering entrepreneur creating beautiful paintings and merchandizing a line of artistic pieces and prints that make perfect souvenirs to remember this beautiful island.