Your Dream Vacation Home

Curaçao has long been a favored spot on the Caribbean map for real estate investors. With its central hub location, backed by the economic and political stability afforded as part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Curaçao has lured many a visitor to dabble in the waters of the real estate market here on the island.

Any number of foreigners, from all walks of life, and from the far corners of the globe, have seen the great potential of investing in homes here on the island. Many, after falling in love with our vibrant culture and laid-back Caribbean lifestyle, have chosen to relocate to Curaçao with their families to enjoy in the year-round sunny weather. Others, looking for a vacation home, flock to Curaçao because, aside from its pristine beaches and many exciting attractions, the island offers relatively low real estate prices compared to the over-inflated markets in some of the other Caribbean islands.

In recent years, a growing trend has emerged where foreign investors have come to Curaçao to take advantage of the incredible momentum behind the vacation rental market. Rental booking platforms have taken the hospitality industry by storm, travelers have embraced this new way of vacationing with gusto. Looking for a more authentic vacation experience, where they are submerged in the local culture of their destination, travelers can choose from a wide range of privately owned accommodations ranging from the ultra-luxurious mansions, to the affordable no-frills apartments. 

Indeed, vacation rental websites have proven to be a game changer in the tourism industry on a global scale. Investors have tapped into this growing demand particularly here in Curaçao. With many properties being transformed into a vacationer’s paradise, and many more still being developed as mini vacation resorts that offer a full range of services and amenities. Not only have local property owners recognized the opportunity to supplement their income, but foreigners have also flocked to the island seeking real estate opportunities to invest in. Some developers have built turn key properties and gated communities, that have become increasingly popular with ex-pats who want to relocate to Curaçao “hassle free”. Other “snowbirds” who choose to fly south for the winter to spend half of the year in the tropics, have invested in properties that are part of a resort, which handles the property rental while they are away, therefore allowing the investment to literally pay for itself.

But the real icing on the cake lies in the abundance of prime property that has remained underdeveloped. Many older outdated villas bear a huge development potential for the tourism market. One need only to take a drive through some of the more rural areas of the island, like Banda Bou, Boca Sami, and St. Joris to discover the vast hidden potential. With no shortage of beautiful beaches and stunning vistas, even the novice investor would get excited!    

by Helen Griffith