Nestled in the back roads of St. Michiel, lies a charming tropical haven called Mondi Lodge. Here guests can appreciate natures enchanting way of reconnecting you to yourself. Upon entering the premises, a path leads to a delightful flowering landscape with palapas, bungalows made with logs and thatched dried palm leaves and a lot of love.

I couldn’t help but compliment one of the owners, Danita, for cultivating this love and vision that went into creating this family-run lodge. Each palapa is tastefully decorated and surrounded by gardens – a pit-stop for local fauna. The ambiance at Mondi Lodge generates a peaceful kind of feeling…

Danita’s attention to details and creative touch to the decor of each palapa is added with the guests comfort in mind. The air-conditioned palapas have private bathrooms with outdoor rain showers and an open porch with kitchenette. The property has family background history and a mission to become an ecolodge, respecting nature, recycling and mainly using local products.

After a good night sleep, we woke up to the melodic chirping of tropical birds and wandered down the path towards the eating area where my boys and I were served a healthy and delicious home-made breakfast Special of the Day. The rest of the relaxing day was spent swimming, exploring the grounds, in touch with nature, swaying on a hammock and connecting to breath with yoga.