Curaçao has all the postcard-perfect beaches and the quaint historical Dutch architecture, but you’ve only scratched the surface of things to do on this island. So, jump in your car and get ready to explore as we go on a road trip spanning from east to west to discover just a little bit more about what Curaçao has to offer.

The entire island is loosely divided into 2 halves: On the east we have Banda Riba (meaning “up side”), and to the west there’s Banda Bou (meaning “down side”).  Both sides converge in the capital city of Willemstad which quite literally is split in two by the entrance to the harbor, with Punda (“town”) on one side and Otrobanda (“other side”) on the other. And connecting these two halves is the glorious Queen Juliana Bridge towering over the city and the harbor.

Lets start off our journey in the east, discovering some unexpected, fun and educational attractions that the whole family will enjoy.

by Helen Griffith