The Caribbean Sea that surrounds tropical Curaçao offers many opportunities to tourists visiting the island. Yet on arrival – whether it’s by air or by boat – you will be captivated by the fascinating fierceness of the Curaçao Sea. The same variety the color of the water shows, the same variety can be found in the wide range of activities that are organized in the tropical ocean waters bordering Curaçao.


The visitor can choose to simply enjoy a lazy afternoon lying on the beach, with intermittent strolls to the sea for a dip to cool off. The more adventurous tourists can also step deeper into the sea to actively explore the underwater world, and some exiting world that is! The Curaçao Sea offers so many forms of recreation, each and every one worthwhile to try out. In this article we will discuss just a few of the wide range of possibilities for Water action.

Kite surfing

In its short but exciting history kite surfing has brought together the most exhilarating components of other extreme sports. Kite surfing involves using the power of a large controllable kite to pull a rider across the water on a small surfboard or a kite board. Once the kite is in the air it manufactures its own wind, which is proportionately faster and creates a higher rate of speed so the kite surfer is able to reach high speeds, jump extremely high and perform amazing and exhilarating stunts.

Kite surfing is a pretty new sport on Curaçao, but it is becoming increasingly more popular. The great part is that there are no overcrowded beaches, which make up for ideal circumstances for the beginner.

This new sport can be explored at the St. Joris Bay which has on-shore winds and flat water. This spot is mostly used by local kiters because of its central spot, undemanding kite launching and easy access. Because of its large shallow parts, St. Joris Bay is suitable for all levels. The wind in Curaçao is round 16 to 20 knots from January until September, when it slows down a bit due to the rain season.

The more experienced kite surfers should also try Klein Curaçao. Klein Curaçao is an uninhabited island located about 25 kilometers from the southeastern point of the “big” Curaçao. After a two hour boat trip, the kite surfer will find himself in a paradise with white beaches and crystal clear water. This petit island has waves rolling in on both sides, but also butter flat water waiting to be carved.

Mushroom Forest

Underwater magic

The volcanic limestone under the waters of Curaçao has been developing for million years, ultimately becoming a true work of art. The warm and bright sea, colorful coral reefs, beautifully covered wrecks and fishes have made of Curaçao a unique diving spot the diver will want to discover over and over again.

Because of the limited stream of the sea, Curaçao is also ideal for less experienced divers. Dive locations on Curaçao are divided into 80 diving areas, all indicated with a red stone with white stripes. Each of these areas corresponds to either a diving school or hotel. That is why it is highly advisable to gather information about the various diving areas, before going diving. The diving schools each have a dive boat, so you will be guaranteed to be transported to the most special sites. The only thing you have to do is to surrender yourself to the magical experience of the Curaçao underwater world.



Atlantis Diving

Atlantis Diving is active on the island of Curaçao since 1989 and has the reputation to be one of the best and most professional scuba facilities on the island. The dive shop is located near the centre of Willemstad on the waterfront.

Atlantis Diving offers PADI courses of all levels. Everybody gets the personal attention and instruction necessary to dive safely, relaxed and get the unique experience of scuba diving. Before entering the water, a thorough instruction is given with regard to scuba diving theory, behaviour under water, safety and preservation of the reef.

Atlantis Diving also organizes, dive trips to tropical bays, the deserted island Klein Curaçao and the wreck ‘Superior Producer’. Whether you are new to diving or are an avid diver, Atlantis Diving offers everybody a new and great adventure.



Because of the constant trade winds there is no better place than Curaçao for sailing. When it comes to sailing for pleasure the island offers the best of possibilities. It does not matter what size the boat is.

Curaçao has a number of deep, safe harbours and its fringing reefs are all below 15 feet deeper, which makes it safe and easy to navigate.
There are several rental companies where a sailboat can be rent. Of course non-sailors may leave the hard work to others and just sit back and be sailed around. There are many organized sailing trips to choose from. Some of these trips take you along the beautiful coastline of Curaçao which is certainly worth being admired from the sea.
For the ones who like the more competitive part of sailing, there are also possibilities. The Curaçao International Sailing Regatta is an annual sailing event in January with sailors and their boats from all around the island. This competition in recent years has become one of the major regatta events in the Caribbean.

There is also the Heineken Regatta Curacao which is held November. All events and races are in and around the harbour and bay of Willemstad, the ‘Annabaai’. All boats will actually be sailing and racing in the center of Willemstad and in the open sea in front of the city. Apart from competitive sailing races, there are also fishing competitions, a surfing competition, Jet Ski races and stunt shows.

Of course there are many other water activities and sports like Cat Sailing, Waterskiing, Windsurfing and kayaking that can be practiced on Curaçao. Once on Curaçao it is easy to get the information needed for your favorite sport. Of course the internet also provides extended information to all who are interested.