When will we be able to experience the vibe of our island life punctuated by music, live entertainment, sporting events and culinary festivals of all sorts again?… Usually days and nights are nourished by numerous special events and tourists on Curaçao visiting our island usually so vibrant and pulsating with festivities this time of year.
We still do not have the answers, but we already know that most events, festivals and plans to travel here have been cancelled due to Covid-19.
Regretfully, Curaçao does not have the number of tourists it expected since our borders have opened to a number of countries. We all know that the priority is health and safety! But as far as progress made in Curaçaos’ tourism sector and maintaining the economy on this island, I cannot bring myself to use a word other than “efforts”. Things were really looking up for Curaçao’s tourism sector pre-Covid… 
At the time I am writing this, the Curaçao Government announced that Curaçao is almost Covid-free ( 2 active cases in quarantine-under observation on the island) – We hope and pray that alternative solutions will be considered soon to offer the local community opportunities, enabling them to remain optimistic, and giving everyone living on Curaçao a chance to live it up again! 
This is not a ‘new normal” as so may call it it… We must always find the deeper meaning behind life-altering events. We must all find new ways to stand out, break free from old patterns that held us back, thrive and believe that we are entering a new phase filled with new possibilities!
We at Events Curaçao will keep you informed with updates on the current situation for tourism and events. We impatiently wait for flights with passengers as we Curaçao continues to regulate new ways to welcome you here safely on the rock! In the meantime, stay sane and healthy!
By Sheila Botton