I finally travelled to Curaçao with my 3 young children on an extended vacation combining business with pleasure. There are several special people to thank for the warmest welcome and for making what seemed “impossible” possible, starting with taxi drivers, receptionists, hosts, clients, colleagues and last but not least special friends I’ve made through the years returning to Curaçao. It’s important to know that this superb island offers first time or returning visitor, a chance to explore its ins and outs and hidden treasures, quickly assessing that everything you need on a vacation is here. There is so much to see and plenty to do, so schedule your daytime activities and night time escapades because the limited time you have on vacation is so precious!

The first things on my to-do list were the following: Drop luggage. Slip into bathing suits. Grab suntan lotion (and the kids) and go to the beach! Once you’ve settled into the groove, do whatever floats your boat. No pressure to do anything you don’t want to do on your vacation, so if it’s more beach you want, Curaçao boast at least 35 spectacular beaches to choose from. If you want to discover more, go ahead and plan the perfect blend of activities, while tapping into your inner-explorer. Vacation means change of pace, being gentle with ourselves, a time for renewal of energy, stretching out to new lands, new people and unique opportunities. To facilitate your journey, Events Curaçao is a guide revealing the best of Curaçao and will surely open your eyes to a mountain of places to discover.

I truly enjoy sharing a few of my own stories and experiences as a mom rediscovering Curaçao along with two young boys and a teen this time around. It was relieving to see them break away from iPads and flow to the islands rhythm, immerse into the oceans wonder and discover more than what meets the eye. Whether you’re single, a couple married with children or not, within these pages you can benefit from a trusting source and know you can expect upscale service coupled with a fabulous time and great memories made in Curaçao.

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