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We are delighted to greet you and welcome you to our piece of paradise. The friendly people of Curaçao will provide you with the experience of a lifetime.

When you add the rich cultural and architectural heritage, the mixture of the clear waters and secluded beaches, and our succulent cuisine, you will indeed have discovered a real hidden treasure in the Caribbean.

Take a plunge and discover the glorious underwater panoramas of more than 60 dive locations, or have a once in a lifetime encounter while swimming with dolphins. Enjoy a shopping trip to Punda, Otrobanda, or any of our many European-style shops.

A walking tour through Willemstad will give you a fantastic view of our rich cultural heritage and our impressive architecture. It is one of the few Caribbean capitals on the UNESCO World Heritage List, as well as being home to the oldest synagogue in continuous use in the western hemisphere. Curaçao’s population, a blend of more than 55 nationalities, offers a vast and diverse culinary flavor. You’ll experience a cuisine with African, Jewish, and European influences, just to name a few.

Experience all that Curaçao has to offer. Whether you have come for a vacation or on a business trip, we offer a wealth of entertainment, culture and relaxing activities as well as the opportunity and infrastructure for serious business and investment dealings.

Yours truly,
Curaçao Tourist Board



Bon biní! Welcome!

In Spanish visitors are greeted with “bienvenido”, in French “bienvenu”, in Portuguese “bem-vindo” and even in Esperanto “bonvena”. On Curaçao, we open our arms and welcome our friendly guests with a warmhearted “bon biní” in our native tongue, Papiamentu. It is also with these same words that we, at the Curaçao Ports Authority, welcome you to our beloved island. We are eager for you to experience our warm hospitality and unique ability to celebrate the good things in life.

Curaçao has a lot to offer year-round. Explore our downtown area, Punda, with its beautiful UNESCO World Heritage historic buildings or cross the floating bridge to stroll through the Otrobanda neighborhood.  We invite you to enjoy our pristine beaches, clear waters, world class diving, cultural landmarks, history, outdoor adventures and sizzling nightlife. Last but not least, be sure to indulge yourself in our delicious local cuisine.

Have a wonderful stay!

Curaçao Ports of Authority