Organized by Sheila Botton – Director of Events Curaçao
Contact: 514-512-5300

Inhale… exhale. Soften your gaze…  Settle in… Bring awareness to your senses and your surroundings. Slowly enter the deeper layers of yourself while being fully present to your body, the ocean air,  the warm breeze and soft sand beneath your feet. The “path inward” is one in which we recognize our unity with everything and everyone, including our environment. 


Yogaventure is the «sans pareil» retreat we seek for wellness, inner peace, fitness, discovery and adventure in Curaçao. Experience a true yogic way of life in the midst of this natural paradise. 

Sheila Botton is a  “Curaçao Connoisseur” and the director of Events Curaçao magazine, a trusted source and a guide for travelers in Curaçao. With 10 years of experience marvelling at and discovering the beauty, culture and charm of the island, she is making another dream come true introducing Yogaventure to the Yoga community of all levels in Montreal, Quebec.

Our 7-day yoga retreat in Curaçao is an opportunity to nourish yourself inside and out. That’s all it takes. Set in a calm, quiet, remote resort that’s free from distractions, you can reset your inner battery and return to work glowing. Our commitment to Yoga classes and other scheduled activities is important, rest assured there will be down time as well.

Join us and connect with your source and unique landscapes
of Curaçao to unify mind, body and spirit.

Our week-long retreat focuses on 5 Yoga Principles & styles:

  • Good Nutrition
  • Balance
  • Breathing
  • Positive Thinking
  • Meditation

Our week-long retreat also focuses on 5 Adventure Principles:

  • Letting go
  • Exploring
  • Having Fun
  • Discoveries
  • Fitness

Curaçao offers so many exciting and awesome experiences to have!  We cant just stay still for one week.
It’s all about finding the BALANCE. This is what Yogaventure is about. A dose of Yoga and a dose of adventure.

Abert Einstein once said: Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.

You will enjoy a day-to-day schedule that respects the concept of Chakra Alignment on a journey for the mind to let go, the body to flow and the soul to vibrate at a higher frequency.

Your week-long Yogaventure techniques to reach bliss & balance:

Yoga Assanas, Stretching, meditation, Breathing Exercises, Ajurvedica Massage*, Marma Therapy* , Mandala Painting workshops, Detox , SUP Yoga,  Yoga on the beach, Yoga on treasures of the island, Swimming, Snorkeling, swim with dolphins*, Sailing, Sunset Cruise, Hiking Mt. Christofel, Sightseeing, Walking Tour, Beach Days, Happy Hours, Saturday Nightlife on Curaçao and lots more!
*extra cost



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Did you know?

Curaçao was once the home to an ashram dedicated to the lineage of the famous Yogi and author of An Autobiography of a Yogi, Parmahansa Yogananda. 



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Ananda is a tranquil oasis on the west side of the island. A mystical place full of stories: a place to relax, empty your mind and experience complete pampering. Everything here is geared towards your wellbeing.

Discover the healing effects of Yoga, meditation and mindfulness, or find total relaxation, walking between the flowers and hummingbirds in our garden of paradise.

Our goal at Ananda is to cater to our guests, providing a healthy lifestyle and good nutrition through our training and wellness facilities. Our luxurious villas, each with private balcony, are fully-equipped with kitchen, cable TV and free WiFi. Meditation-, mindfulness- and Yoga- platforms are found in many areas within the grounds of Ananda and beyond… A quiet place on Curaçao, yet close enough to the vibrancy of the city and the most beautiful beaches nearby.

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Based on reservation for a group of 12 at Ananda Wellness Resort only – 2 to 4 guests per villa

From Sunday May 12th  to  Sunday May 19th

1975 CAD  –  see schedule below

This price includes accommodation, activities and meals excluding the ones with the *asterix*



Based on a reservation for a group of 12 people : first 4 nights at Ananda Wellness Resort and 3 nights at the Baoase Luxury Resort – 4 to 6 guests per villa

From Sunday May 12th  to  Sunday May 19th

2875 CAD  –  see schedule below

This price includes accommodation, activities and meals excluding the ones with the *asterix*



Photo 3_Private Pool Villa


Yoga is an excellent addition to a corporate retreat, even if yoga isn’t a regular part of your team’s routine at the office.

Participating in a yoga class gives your team a challenge they experience together while creating strength  and building confidence individually and within the team. Everyone is participating in the same poses, but each individual’s experience is unique. Common challenge but a different result.

Are you planning a corporate retreat? Think about adding Yogaventure Curaçao to your offerings.

Your participants will benefit from the physical and mental benefits of yoga and the adventure discovering Curaçao!



On a Teacher Training Tribe  you will receive the tools, understanding and inspiration to revitalize your life on all levels. 
The focus of the training: Qualifying teachers to be able to teach asanas (postures), Spinal Breathing Pranayama, Deep Meditation practice and other aspects of yoga, from subtle anatomy to advanced pranayama practices, from yoga philosophy to self-inquiry (advaita).  
Practice & theory: with 3 or 4 hours of practice each day and 2 or 3 hours of theory classes each day. Practice classes will include asana, pranayama and meditation. There will be one day off each week. The course will be taught in English. The curriculum we will be following has been approved by the Yoga Alliance. There will be a maximum of 24 people on this course. The asana, pranayama, meditation, conscious eating program, healing, purification techniques, chanting, philosophy, discovery and adventure yet studious atmosphere combine to give you a truly unique journey in Curacao of transformation & self discovery.

Our yoga teacher training 4-week course will give you the perfect opportunity to embody and embrace the essence of yoga, to find union within all aspects of your Being and experience the subtle different levels of consciousness while connecting to the divinity that flows through you and around you. The training offers a practical approach to yoga as a tool for daily living, inviting you to discover ways to integrate the teachings into all aspects of your life.


Start every morning with a lovely energetic Yoga session, to prepare your mind, body and soul for a re-energizing week. Connect with surrounding nature, feeling deep awareness and inspiration. Meditation enables us to feel a deep relaxation of the body and mind. It soothes the autonomic nervous system and lessens overall tension.

Root Chakra

Day 1- Root Chakra: Sunday “Bon Bini Curaçao!” 

 Transfer to Ananda  Wellness Retreat

Late afternoon meet and greet around the pool.

Welcome Sunset Salutation and grounding mediation.

Buffet Dinner

Orientation / Q & A

Sacral Chakra

Day 2 – Sacral Chakra: MarvelUS Monday

Fruit Smoothie – juice- coffee – tea

Hatha Yoga & Meditation morning

Delicious Soul-food Brunch – Demo using local ingredients

Relax by the pool – Massage option- Mandala Painting

Sunset Salutation & Breathing techniques

Dinner at Karakter*

Navel Chakra

Day 3 – Naval Chakra: Tension-free Tuesday 

Fruit Smoothie – juice- coffee – tea

Morning Yoga Flow


Beach Day

Snorkel, relax and work on your tan

Return to Ananda Retreat

Evening Breathing Exercises & Meditation

Buffet Dinner

Heart Chakra

Day 4 – Heart Chakra: Wet Wednesday

Light Breakfast

Morning Yoga Stretch

Sailing Day trip to Klein Curaçao ( or around the island)

Lunch BBQ on board /Refreshments / Drum and chant

Return to Ananda Retreat

Vyniassa / Circle time with topic

Buffet Dinner

Throat Chakra

Day 5 – Throat Chakra Thursday 

Early morning Sunrise Salution Yoga & Guided Visualization

Smoothies & Breakfast

Walk & talk tour / Visit Otrobanda – cross over to Punda

Healthy Lunch in Punda* and free time

Walk & talk to Pietermaai district / refreshments

Evening Punda Vibes

Return to Ananda

Light & Late Night Buffet

Brow Chakra

Day 6 – Brow  (3rd eye) Chakra: Friday Flow


Yoga session at Caracas Baai – Fort Beekenburg

Enjoy the rest of the day on the beach at Mambo

*RB technique Massage on the beach*

Dolphin Academy / Animal Encounters *extra costs*

Sunset Harbour tour *extra costs*

Dinner at the BLVD

Return to Ananda

Crown Chakra

Day 7 – Crown Chakra: Sensational Saturday

Start the day with a lovely restorative Yoga session

Jeep ride and hike up Mt.Christofel

Visit to Hato Caves and Boca Tabla

Rewarding hour at the beach /SUP Yoga

Return to Ananda

Free time until Outing

* Time and day of some of the activities offered are subject to change.



LETICIALeticiaMy name is Leticia. About 10 years ago, I started a Yoga practice out of curiosity and to help alleviate back pain. Over a short period of time, the pain went away. At that point, I realized that Yoga was therapeutic for the mind and for the body. For me, Yoga is not only time spent on the mat repeating asanas and pranayama; it is a lifestyle, an everyday practice through acts of kindness towards ourselves, others and the environment around us. The goal of Yoga is to appreciate our bodies, to become aware of our mind, to make peace with who you are and to love. All the benefits of Yoga inspire me to share the amazing experience with others through giving Yoga classes and ayurvedic tips.

My passion for the ocean and nature started when I was a child. I graduated in Biology, became a dive instructor, underwater photographer and Yoga teacher. I love the fact that in Curaçao, I can often practice Yoga outdoors and give Yoga classes right by the shore, listening to the waves, feeling the wind, the energy from the sun and the moon, while connecting mind, body and soul.

“The mind is very powerful but often misused. We can easily become slaves to our thoughts, limiting our potential as human beings. The regular practice of Vinyasa Yoga develops a strong, flexible and resilient body and these characteristics influence the mind,  making it equally flexible and adaptable to change.”




My name is Adriana. I am Costa Rican and have been living in Curaçao for a few years. I started teaching Yoga on the island two years ago. During that time, I found so many magical spots to practice at and those places inspired me to connect my practice with the elements of nature. Curaçao is surrounded by water; according to Ayurveda, we derive nourishment from the element of water. Practicing, while gazing at crystal clear waters that merge into deep blue colors, soothes me and makes me feel emotionally content.

The island is also popular for its strong winds. In Ayurveda, the wind element powers all movements; from the action of your joints to the passage of nutrients through cell walls. I find that an outdoor practice – connecting with the wind–stimulates creativity, gives a sense of power and increases stamina.

At times, when I need grounding, I love to visit the Salt Flats – a popular location where people go for walks. At this spot I connect with the element of earth; a healthy connection to the earth makes you feel stable and grounded, it always gives me a boost of confidence.

I worked very little with the elements before I was inspired to incorporate them to my practice on this beautiful island I call home. I would recommend to anyone visiting to read more about it and practice it in this unique setting!