Grote Knip (Playa Kenepa Grandi)
The Western side of the island are dotted with coves that make each succeeding beach a new discovery. Grote Knip is a local and tourist favourite on the weekends, but during the week this beach is practically deserted. Before going down to the shore, stand on the cliff above to gaze down at this picture-perfect beach of Curaçao. Then walk down to the beach to enter the aqua-emerald water that you can only  find in the Caribbean. Also a paradise for snorkelers who want to see coral reefs nearby.

With 35 different beaches to explore on this tiny island, each of them has its own distinct vibe. The most breath-taking beaches in Curaçao are on the western half of the island. So why not add a little beach-hopping as you go on your tour out west? Some of the beaches carry an entrance fee and provide facilities, restaurants and beach amenities, like for example: Kokomo Beach with its beautiful sunsets and Instagram-ready swing suspended over the water; Porto Marie with the friendly wild pigs-in-residence; and Cas Abao with watersports available and relaxing massages right on the beach. They’re not to be outdone by some of the other beaches in the west that are free of charge. Daaibooi is a small family-friendly beach with ample shade; Groot Knip with its famous picture-perfect vistas from the cliffs above, and the laid-back fisherman’s beach called Playa Piskado where you can have the chance to snorkel with the wild turtles swimming around the fishing boats. These are just a few, there are so many more beaches to explore!